Do you know the new feature of Facebook?

Snapchat is behind of Facebook because this feature of Facebook throws Snapchat. Facebook is the best in social media at the moment.Everyone knows about this.Over 200 million users are now on Facebook.As well as Instagram is now under Facebook.Instagram users now have 25 million.Still, Facebook is always trying to bring new features. Snapchat users too…


Bollywood actresses who are over 30 and still single

There may be rumours. Some would say that they are engaged. But no, still some Bollywood hottest divas are single. They are beautiful, professional, independent and lead a happy life. But these Bollywood actresses are the single of 2017 and may be added in the marriage list as all of these actresses have already crossed…


Facts about Dhoti every Bengali and all the Indians must know

Bengali culture is interwoven with the traditional garment like dhoti and punjabi. It is the pride and dignity of Bengali men wearing dhoti. It reflects our culture and also festive mood. Recently some western cultured Shopping Mals in Kolkata have forgotten the identity of Bengal’s tradition. They must allow customers to come there wearing dhoti….


Head lice are being sold at high prices in Dubai. Must know why

Head lice are sold at high prices in Dubai’s Saloon. Lice Therapy has become popular there in Dubai.This therapy aims to stop hair fall. This business has become a buzz for that town. Now you do not have to spend more money to kill the head lice Because the lice are sold at high prices…


7 signs indicate that you are a Good Kisser

  Kissing the person you love is natural. It is important to kiss him/her to show your affection and arousal. It is not only about touching lips by lips rather it is an expression of physical and emotional attachment. Now what is meant by “Good Kisser”? Answer is not simple as simple we think of…


How would you make your relationship great?

A relationship is like a road upon which the comfort of the journey depends. Problem may arise on the way. But a determination to hold the hands of each other is important. Follow this. 1. Do not show all things are bygone As the year passes we become lazy to hold the charm of those…


Why you should not sleep too much in the weekend

  So, you have been working a lot for the whole week and waiting for the weekend to have a good rest. Fine, but before taking it you must know that how you would spend the whole weekend. You would certainly prefer to have your favourite dishes and long hours sleep. Also you would maintain…

fat wife

Why an over healthy girl is perfect as a Wife: Must know

  Girls with over the average healthy figure are ideal for becoming wife. Every guy has a fantasy to have a beautiful wife. Who doesn’t want to have a better half like this! But a recent study has revealed that it is not always the beauty that could make the husband happy. What actually is…


The ambulance was seized for taking marijuana

‌The patient was caught because he was trafficking marijuana in the ambulance. 4 manganese smugglers were caught by CID on Belgharia Expressway. CID has told the name of those smugglers. They are Biswajit Barua , Enamul Biswas , Akram Ali and Hasanujjaman. They were trying trafficking marijuana from Orrisa to Murshidabad. CID said , in the…


Nokia 8 is coming

Nokia 8 is coming Nokia is going to bring their most expensive smartphone to market. Winfuture is one of the popular website in Germany. Winfuture informed that nokia’s next phone will be Nokia 8 and model number will be TA – 1004. ‌After the rumor, the report said , Nokia 8 release date has been…